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Meet Our Staff

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Carolyn, President

Founder of the VibrAsia beverage company, and the key spokesperson for the VibrAsia Nation online community's
#Eat|Drink|Live campaign.
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Kaithlynn, Purchasing Manager

Primary contact for all B2B sales, including bids, purchase orders, and bulk sales from retailers, merchants, grocery chains, and third-party distributors.
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Carleen, Procurement Specialist

Our primary point of contact for all international suppliers, vendors, and partners for ingredients, supplies and resources. Manages Trade Shows and Event team members.
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Alan, Delivery & Distribution

Our primary point of contact for all domestic delivery, shipping, receiving, or international import/export and transfers.
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Keani, Sourcing Specialist

Our Trade Show and Event Coordinator and also the primary point of contact for all U.S. domestic suppliers, vendors, and distributors.
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Sean, Brand & Marketing Director

In charge of all digital marketing, social media marketing, email campaigns, brand licensing, market analytics, mobile and web digital content, and customer engagement.