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Maren Yeatman, 2010

To whom it may concern:
I started taking vibrasia on November 24 th 2009. I was hoping it would help me feel more balanced, especially during a crucial time in my menstrual cycle.Every month about 5 to six days before my period I would feel extremely anxious to the point that my scalp was tingling and felt like it was lifting off .I felt out of control emotional,ruled by raging hormones.This would last for two to three days.I didn't know what to do about this. Two weeks after I started taking vibrasia was this crucial time- this time I barely noticed it. What a relief! The same happened in January. Overall I feel well, balanced and quite energetic and my digestion is better.And I enjoy the taste. It's a great product and I will definitely c ontinue taking it!!

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Laurence Kantor

I am a 62 year old male Caucasian. I have been taking 5-6 ounces of Vibrasia daily for 3 months.My skin has shown great improvement. My bald head was dry and patchy, it is now soft and rosy colored. I have had an elevated prostate reading (PSA) for 5 or 6 years. 3 years ago, whenmy reading was 6.7 I had a biopsy to confirm that I do not have cancer. I had a PSA in March of 2008 with a reading of 7.5

I had a PSA test after 3 months of Vibrasia (2 weeks ago) of 5.6!!! I, concurrently with taking Vibrasia, have been using "sound waves" (via an ipod) prepared from a "voice print" and designd to help my prostate. Although I am not sure which (or if both) have had an effect on my prostate, but a greater than 25% drop in my reading is significant.

I believe it is more likely the Vibrasia has helped, since the effect on my skin from Vibrasia is obvious. I have discontinued using the sound waves, and will monitor my prostate with PSA tests every 30 days.

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Amy E. Stayberg

I am on my third week of taking VIBRASIA and I have seen some really exciting results! I have Fibromyalgia, Epstein Barr, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura AKA: "ITP", Irritable Bowl Syndrome, Severe Chronic fatigue, and Severe Acid Reflux! In the short time that I have been taking VIBRASIA I have had more energy and even more interesting.....My hair is not falling out anymore! I used to loose so much hair when shampooing my hair, styling my hair or just simply running my fingers through my hair and now I loose next to none! I am so excited to see how it's going to help me more as I continue to take it! I have tried everything from vitamins, Homeopothy, herbs, Modern medicine (which I am still on) and VIBRASIA is really making a difference in my energy level. I just feel better all the way around! It tastes good too! I am hoping to eventually get off some of the meds I am currently on for Chronic fatigue!

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Van Jewell Kantor 709, 01/21/2010

I tried VibrAsia on July 19, 2009. After a long drive to Vegas from Los Angeles to my first CEOSpace Forum, I was worn out. I met Carol within 5 minutes of meeting and greeting. She told me about her product VibrAsia and how it would give me natural energy. I tried it and started feeling better within 2 hours. It didn't feel like the strong kick like you get from caffeine. I then went to sleep a few hours later and realized the next morning I didn't get any (hot flashes). I have been getting hot flashes for at least 10 years. I haven't gotten any hot flashes since that day. For a few days I ran out of VibrAsia. At that time, I started feeling a slight hot flash so I do take it every day. I haven’t had any type of negative side effects, ever. I also noticed that my skin is very soft and I don't need much moisturizer anymore.

I have had herpes in my right eye for almost 3 years. My vision would sometimes be blurry. Although my doctor says that the virus is gone, I was still having problems seeing out of it and sometimes it would tear up, be irritated and red. Since I have been taken VibrAsia, my right eye is just as good as the left, no tearing, nor redness.

I also had high cholesterol. Approximately 1 year ago, my cholesterol was 278. Now it’s 176. In 2008 I was on Zocor for over a year which lowered it some but still over 200. Just didn’t like being on drugs to (force) my body to lower it instead of it happening (naturally). It’s never been that low that I can remember. Along with VibrAsia, I was also taking an over the counter natural cholesterol lowering pill, but I have taken so many over the years but never saw a change. Just to be sure, I stopped the pills a little over a month ago and have been just taking my VibrAsia. Now I will get my blood work checked next week, to be sure it was just VibrAsia.

Now, I am a happy girl and I thank God, Carolyn and CEOSpace for my introduction to VibrAsia

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