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VibrAsia Origins

RICE CITY 廣州, Guangzhou, China

The true origin of VibrAsia begun on the rice fields of Guangzhou, China. A collection of proprietary family recipes and herbal remedies were cultivated and used by three generations of our family to prevent illness, improve vitality, restore skin, reduce stress, or improve overall health and wellness.
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100% All Natural

From China to America with Love . . .

It is VibrAsia's vision to share these same health benefits with our customers, by sourcing only fresh, organic or all natural ingredients from the rice fields of Guangzhou, China or the best Farmer's Markets within Southern California.
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VibrAsia Wellness Drink

Health in a Bottle

Heals the Body from the Inside Out

VibrAsia has taken three generations of family-owned recipes and developed a collection healthy ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. Each fruit or vegetable juice, nutmilk, soymilk, energy drink, and bottled water product contain esential vitamins, minerals, antioxidents, and nutrients, combined with superfoods, and a proprietary blend of Chinese herbs.
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Five Rams

The Five Rams, Yuexiu Hill

Guangzhou, China
The Chinese legend about the Five Immortals, states that the Five Immortals were riding rams, when they visited Guangzhou. The Immortals taught the people how to grow rice, and the sculpture was created by the locals as a symbol of good luck. Guangzhou was nicknamed Rice City. The sculpture is located atop of Yuexiu Hill next to the Zhenhai Tower and Yuexiu Stadium.
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2018 Year of the Dog

VibrAsia wishes all of our customers, vendors, and suppliers a Happy and Proseperous Chinese New Year!

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Starting this year, VibrAsia will have booths at various trade shows expos, and events. Visit our Trade Show & Events page for more information.